• Emily Win

Long Skirts & Crop Tops

Ah, yes. The good old crop top. They are coming back straight out of the 90s to give us a glowing encore of soft stomachs and accentuated chests. And honestly, I'm not mad about it. Throughout the years I've struggled with different body issues, my stomach being the most vulnerable. However, I held on to all of those teeny-bopper crop tops in hopes that one day I would have the confidence to wear them. I recently discovered that my stomach never had to change. Instead, I figured out a fool-proof way to rock the crop and also feel great about my body.

The summer and fall look that works well for me is the long high waisted skirt with the crop top. As a shorter person, it helps re-proportion my goods while also showing off some subtle sexy stomach. It's flirtatious and family friendly at the same time. Plus, I don't have to worry about chafing from jean shorts because all that goodness is hidden from the flowy playful skirt.

Because most of my closet is thrift or hand-me-down, I can't offer precise listings of where my pieces are from. The skirt was given to me from a migrant shelter donation pile, the shirt is a hand-me-up from my younger sister, and the shoes are Old Navy. However, here are a few suggestions of looks:

looks from Nordstrom & Torrid

One trick to getting the crop top look (without actually buying a crop top) is to twist and tuck in the center, as shown in my example picture above. However, this doesn't stay in place and, depending on the fabric, doesn't always look cute. Two hacks I've learned :

1. Buy a size smaller than your usual--it might be tight, but you won't get the super-long torso tunic that's supposed to be a t-shirt

2. Turn your t-shirts into crop tops yourself by just cutting them! I definitely don't have the steadiest of hands, but as long as you plan a straight line and cut off less than you actually want, you should be good. You can always take more off later. Remember--it will roll up.

Go off and experiment, play around--especially with color!