• Emily Win

Episode 8: Music as Spirituality with Mara Gillis

Hello from my week long hiatus! While I was absent from you ears I was out in LA where I had a beer and talked all things music with my friend Mara. We discuss the importance of music in our own lives and then dive into a more than enthusiastic discussion about a few songs that have been emotionally significant to Mara over the past few years. Artists we talk about include MUNA, Lady Gaga, EDEN, and Hayley Kiyoko. Of course, we couldn't end an Our Daily Beard podcast without answering the question: "what makes a piece of music both spiritual and queer?" Oh, and this pod comes with a drinking game--take a shot every time you heard the word "connect." I guarantee this will be the most enjoyable podcast you've ever listened to if you engage ;)

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