• Emily Win

Episode 6: Exploring Ritu'elle'

This week we are exploring my most recent feat: my dissertation! Many of you have been asking for an explanation of what I was studying for over a year, so I thought I would wrap it all up in a nice holiday podcast mini episode gift for you. My master's thesis consists of a rewriting of the Catholic liturgy to argue that there is, what I define as, a "shared poetics" between Catholic ritual and queer poetry. Below you'll find a basic outline of the project you can follow along with while listening. Enjoy and please contact me if you would like to discuss anything further or collaborate :)

Rituelle: Considering the Catholic and the Queer in Poetry and Practice

Invitation and Dwelling

-Considering Definitions

-Considering Rituelle ('All is Welcome' poem)

-The Shared Poetics of Invitation and Dwelling


-Considering Definitions

-Considering Rituelle ('I Confess' poem)

-The Shared Poetics of Confession


-Considering Definitions

-Considering Rituelle ('For the Taxonomist' poem)

-The Shared Poetics of Storytelling


-Considering Definitions

-Considering Rituelle ('Falling Arches' poem)

-The Shared Poetics of Kinship

Dismissal and Disorientation

-Considering Definitions

-Considering Rituelle ('Black and Blue and Red All Over' poem)

-The Shared Poetics of Dismissal and Disorientation


*this project is entirely my own work and belongs to me

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