• Emily Win

Episode 5: Encountering Trials of Relationship, Faith, and Growing Up with Sarah Mugridge

A natural storyteller, fiery spirit, gentle soul, and sister-friend, Sarah joins me to share her childhood experiences of growing up with a Christian mom and a Catholic dad in the face of near-death experiences, conversion, and coming out. She walks me through growing up in a heavily mixed religious household, coming into her own sense of self and spirituality, and understanding dating someone in gender transition. She graces us with the wisdom that comes from embracing life's awkward and upsetting moments with a sense of realistic positivity. We question the social and religious implications of showing up to particular identities and what that means in terms of first impressions, childbearing, privilege, and familial relationships. Stay tuned for an insane story about magical spiders!

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Editing and production by Emily Win 

Artwork by Emily and Lizzie Win 

Music by Chris DeGiovine