• Emily Win

Episode 4: Non-Religious Spirituality, Existential Crises, and Transition with Louie Hinchliffe

Did you ever think a podcast on spirituality and queerness could also be comical? Neither did I! Did you ever think that Aldi (the grocery store) could be both spiritual and queer? Neither did I! Join me and my pal Louie Hinchliffe as we discuss cultural differences between the UK and America, growing up transgender and non-religious, getting through the dark periods of our lives, and seeking out genuine connection. This high quality content includes random fun facts about mushrooms, discussion of potential drag names, and affirmations supporting our everlasting "YouTube" phases. Stay tuned for when Louie takes over the pod to interview me and ask the resounding rhetorical question: "is searching for the meaning of life just an unachievable goal"?

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Editing and production by Emily Win 

Artwork by Emily and Lizzie Win 

Music by Chris DeGiovine