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"Rings and Other Shapes I've Known," I Feel Love: Notes on Queer Joy, 2022



"Black and Blue and Red All Over", the postmodern fish, 2020

"Falling Arches", the postmodern fish, 2020

"Home/Sick," People of Content, Winter 2020 

“wedding bells ring”, Lavender Review, Issue 19, June 2019 

“Suburban Prayer”, Two Girls One Scrapbook podcast, 2019 

“Little One”, Two Girls One Scrapbook podcast, 2019 

“Ms. Dionysus” , Two Girls One Scrapbook podcast, 2019 & The Scribe, Spring 2019



"Rose Quartz” Review: Poems for the Wounds We Carry," Autostraddle, 2023

"Thank You, Ex: For the Ring Dish That Reminds Me I’m Hot," Autostraddle, 2023

"You Need Help: How Do I Flirt When I’m Worried About Coming On Too Strong," Autostraddle, 2023

"I Don’t Care What Anyone Says, Valentine’s Day Is a Superior Holiday — And I’m Single," Autostraddle, 2023

"How To Make Valentine’s Day Cards for Your Friends," Autostraddle, 2023

"8 Coping Hacks For the Neurodiverse Baddies," Autostraddle, 2023

"My Word of the Year Was 'Closer,'" Autostraddle, 2022

"What My Spotify Wrapped Should Have Said," Autostraddle, 2022

"8 Ways Publix on a Saturday Night Is Exactly Like Going to the Club," Autostraddle, 2022

“Dancing With the Stars” Fantasies I’ve Had About Various Phases of My Queer Life," Autostraddle, 2022

"AM/PM: A Hopeless Romantic and Their Bubble Bath Routine," Autostraddle, 2022

"I Focused My Time on Proving Her Wrong," Autostraddle, 2022

"Confessions of a Ghost," Autostraddle, 2022

"Lizzo’s Yitty Set Changed My Life, It’s Worth an Internet Fight to the Death," Autostraddle, 2022

"To All the Hot People I Met on My Cross-Country Drive," Autostraddle, 2022
Quiz: Which Queer-Coded Disney Villain Are You?"
Autostraddle, 2022
My Sci-Fi Girl Summer, Explained,
" Autostraddle, 2022
A Letter to My Ex-Best Friend This Pride,
" Autostraddle, 2022
"Pixar’s “Lightyear” Is So Much Queerer Than Just That Hyper-Scrutinized Lesbian Kiss,
" Autostraddle, 2022

"How To Host a Restorative Dinner Party for Your Chosen Queer Fam," Autostraddle, 2022

"Playlist: Summer Songs To Dance to During Pride When You Have an Unbearable Crush,Autostraddle, 2022

"Lesbian Jesus Is Back! Hayley Kiyoko Is the Gay Bachelor in New Music Video, Starring Becca Tille," Autostraddle, 2022
"Netflix’s “The Principles of Pleasure” Invites Us Out of Shame and Into the Light,"
 Autostraddle, 2022
“Perfume Provides a Map of Memory and History in This Powerful Memoir, Autostraddle, 2022
"Jean Chen Ho on “Fiona and Jane,” the Eros of Friendship, and Finding Your Fiction Community," Autostraddle, 2022

"You Need Help: I Can’t Figure Out What I Should Wear and Who I Should Date," Autostraddle, 2022

"Did The “Arthur” Finale Just Confirm The Lesbian Is A Lesbian?!?,Autostraddle, 2022

"Quiz: Which British Bake Off Recipe Should You Make Next?,Autostraddle, 2022

"I Was Supposed To Be Good At Math,Autostraddle, 2022

"Quiz: Plan a Sleepover and We’ll Tell You Who Your Celebrity Girlfriend Is!," Autostraddle, 2022

"You Need Help: I Can’t Figure Out What I Should Wear and Who I Should Date," Autostraddle, 2022

"You Need Help: Your Girlfriend Has No Friends," Autostraddle, 2022

"It’s Your Anniversary: Rent Was My First Class On Anti-Capitalism," Autostraddle, 2022

"'The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical' Co-writer Abigail Barlow Is Already a Bisexual Legend," Autostraddle, 2022

"How to Talk About Trauma in Therapy,"  FOLX Health, 2023

"How To Overcome Internalized Homophobia, " FOLX Health, 2023

I Don’t Feel Cared For: Combatting Fatphobia in the Medical Institution,” FOLX Health, 2022

"Clexacon: The Future of Seeing Ourselves,"
Q26, 2021

"The Femmeiliar Default: Don't Put Your Labels on My Curves", Q26, 2020 

"It's Personal(s): The Unchanging Polestar of Queer Connection", Q26, 2020 

"Masses By LGBT+ Catholics Westminster Are Refuge for Those Seeking Home in the Church", New Ways Ministry, 2020

"Jamie Manson: Lesbian Couple’s Love on Netflix Is 'Sacramental in Every Sense'"New Ways Ministry, 2020

"For Lesbian Visibility Day, Swiss Theologian Writes on Church’s Dual Discrimination", New Ways Ministry, 2020

"New Survey Reveals 40% of Australian Catholics Believe There Are More Than Two Genders"New Ways Ministry, 2020

"New Book Features Pope Who Is Intersex and Pregnant",
 New Ways Ministry, 2020

"Little Resurrections: A Celebration of the Earth", The Ruined Report, 2020

"Remembering Jeanne Deckers, Lesbian Catholic Who Won Fame as 'The Singing Nun'", New Ways Ministry, 2020

"Conservative Group Demands Catholic School Teacher Be Fired Over 'Fabulous' Book", New Ways Ministry, 2020

"Student Advocacy Leads Fordham University to Adopt Gender-Inclusive Housing Options", New Ways Ministry, 2020

"What Are the Elements of Your Spirituality?", The Ruined Report, 2020

"Community leaders retire", Sylvania AdVantage, 2020

"Find holistic healing this holiday season", Sylvania AdVantage, 2019

"Oakleaf village resident celebrates 106th birthday", Sylvania AdVantage, 2019

"Listen Up: There's Power in What You Put in Your Ears (Part 2)", The Ruined Report, 2019

"Listen Up: There's Power in What You Put in Your Ears (Part 1)", The Ruined Report, 2019

"Radical Friendship", The Ruined Report, 2019

"Chia Seeds: Truth in Trends?", The Ruined Report, 2019

“Thoughts On Homeless LGBTQIA+ Youth Social Services: What Does Enough Look Like ?”, The Ruined Report, 2019

“I Devoted A Year to Trying All Natural Deodorants”, The Ruined Report, 2019 

“Queer Sexuality and its Challenges to Christianity and Catholicism”, The Ruined Report, 2019 

“Exploring Tradition: Praying with Mary Oliver”, The Ruined Report, 2019 

“Finding New Communities: Does Social Media Suffice?”, The Ruined Report, 2019 

No Time”, The Kiln, Spring 2017 

“What a Queer Marriage”, Via, Spring 2017

“Agents of Activism: Uncovering Womanhood of the 1860s and 1960s”, Via, Spring 2017


Welcoming Our Differences Speaker Series: Queerness and Spirituality, L'Arche Portland, 2021

JVC Community Conversations: Queer Poetry and Catholic Mass, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, 2021

Broken Open: A Jesuit Volunteer Corps podcast, Writer/Producer/Host, Jesuit Volunteer Corps, 2021

Our Daily Beard podcast, Writer/Producer/Host, 2019-2021



Contributor and Editor, 2021 Jesuit Volunteer Corps Magazine

Writer and Project Manager, 2021 Jesuit Volunteer Corps Advent Calendar
Updated design and copy for Mad Owl Fitness ​


Home/Sick," two print collages, People of Content, Winter 2020 

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